BAFA Regulatory Department


The BAFA Regulations

The BAFA Regulations incorporate the previous BAFA Disciplinary Code and the existing "Rules on Member Organisations", both of which last underwent major revision in 2008. To those have been added regulations on registration and safeguarding, a procedure for resolving disputes against the decisions of competition authorities (e.g. leagues), and revised appeal procedures.

Recent disciplinary action

  • List of disqualifications and other disciplinary action
    • Ecodes for disqualifications and other fixed penalties:
      ASS Assault (intentional contact) on Official
      FGT Fighting
      FPF Flagrant Personal Foul
      FUC Flagrant Unsportsmanlike Conduct
      MIS Misconduct
      NOR Not on Roster
      NRG Not registered correctly with BAFA
      OTH Other
      REM Person removed from the playing enclosure
      TGT Targeting
      TUF Second Unsportsmanlike Conduct Foul
  • Report that a suspension has been served (if BAFRA does not witness it)

Guidance documents

More detailed advice for anyone considering an appeal


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