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Printed copies of the BAFA tackle rulebook

Printed copies of the BAFA tackle rulebook are available through a print-on-demand service called The book is available in either normal "perfect" bound or with a handy coil binding so that it opens easily.

Print-on-demand means that the book will be printed somewhere near your part of the world and shipped to you. This usually takes just a few days.

Lulu offers good discounts if you order in bulk. You can often also get a discount by using a coupon code. Do a Google search for "Lulu discount code" and see if you can find a valid code. The code "WELCOME15" seems to work most of the time. Lulu no longer seem to post their discount codes on their own website.

The 2023 edition can be ordered here:

The rulebook is available at the cost Lulu charge to print and ship. Note that BAFA does not receive any income from this sale.

If you simply want a PDF copy of the 2023 rulebook, that can be downloaded from here.

Note: All existing and new BAFRA members will be provided with a printed copy (at the Convention, if they attend; through the post, if they don't) as part of their BAFRA membership.