Corrections to the BAFA rulebook

The BAFRA exam this year has revealed a small number of errors in the rulebook. These are wordings that are in the NCAA 2005 rulebook and should be, but are not, in the BAFA 2006 rulebook.

1.      In 9-3-3-a (offensive illegal use of hands), 9-3-3-b (offensive holding), 9-3-3-c (block in the back), 9-3-3-d (other illegal blocks) and 9-3-6 (blocking fouls during a loose ball), an exception to the stated penalty has been left out. In each case, after "from the basic spot" the exception "(Exception: These offensive team fouls behind the neutral zone are enforced from the previous spot. Safety if the foul occurs behind Team As goal line)" should be added. (The precise wording is slightly different in each case, but only in terms of the foul(s) referred to.)

2.      The penalty exceptions noted above are correctly stated in rules 10-2-2-c, d and e (enforcement procedures), and in the definition of "basic spot" in rules 2-25-10-a, b, c and d, but the exception wording of those rules also should appear in 2-25-10-e, and needs to be added.

3.      In rule 9-3-4-e (defensive fouls during pass plays), the correct wording of the penalty is: "Five, 10 or 15 yards from the basic spot, plus first down if the foul occurred against an eligible receiver prior to the pass being touched". The underlined words are missing and should be added to the BAFA book.

4.      In rule 9-5 (fighting), the words "first down for Team B fouls if the first down is not in conflict with other rules" should appear in the penalties for 9-5-1-a, b and c between "succeeding spot" and "and disqualification". In 9-5-1-b and c, the words "For fights that occur in the last game of a season, squad members in uniform, coaches and players with eligibility remaining will serve fight-related suspensions during the first game of the next season for which they are eligible" should be added to the end, though they are not strictly relevant to British rules since they are superseded by Rule 13-6-1-c. Incidentally, rule 9-5-2 should be renumbered 9-5-2-a, and 9-5-2-a should become 9‑5‑2‑b.

Please note these corrections in your copy of the rulebook. The copy on the BAFRA website has been updated with all these changes. Many apologies for these errors, which slipped through three pairs of eyes in the editorial checking process. I don't expect that these errors have resulted in any misapplications of penalties let me know if you think that has happened in a game.


Jim Briggs
Rulebook editor
29th May 2006