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Summary of Team A blocking below the waist rules

Changes for 2019 are indicated in blue.

Player is...1 Ball is... Type of block below waist
10-2 block 3/9 block Peel back Towards ball Clip
lineman inside TB inside TB ok ok ok ok ok 3
outside TB ok foul foul ok foul
back2 inside TB inside TB ok foul ok ok foul
outside TB ok foul foul ok foul
anyone outside TB inside TB ok foul ok foul foul
outside TB ok foul foul foul foul
  1. inside TB: means starts inside and remains inside tackle box (TB)
  2. backs: inside requires starting completely inside the TB and stationary
  3. provided the clip is inside the free blocking zone, which is smaller than the tackle box

No offensive player can block below the waist more than five yards beyond the neutral zone.