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Field markings

Everything you need to know about marking out a field for American football can be found here:

Field markings for small sided football

Minimum field markings (2014 onwards):

Under no circumstances may the game commence, nor proceed if suspended. BAFA may impose sanctions for the following breaches:

  • One or both sidelines is incomplete.
  • One or both goal lines is incomplete.
  • One or both end lines is incomplete.
  • One or more yard lines across the field every 5 yards is incomplete.
  • The hash marks are incomplete.
  • The short yard-line extensions at the sideline are incomplete.

Field and game management audits

In even-numbered years, BAFRA officials conduct an audit of field markings at every game:

In odd-numbered years, BAFRA officials conduct a similar audit of game management:

Teams are encouraged to self-assess themselves using the forms above in order to highlight problem areas that they may be able to address.

Advice for groundsmen

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