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Errata for the 2023 rulebook

This list collects together the errors found in earlier versions of the 2023 rulebook. The online version incorporates all these changes.

Rule Error Correct text Release
1‑4‑1 Diagram numbers backs "1‑49" "0‑49"


4‑2‑4‑c "they ... catches a forward pass" Should read "they ... catch a forward pass" 1
AR 6‑3‑11:III Ruling says "... with the down repeated." With the change to 9‑3‑4 penalty, this should read "... with an automatic first down awarded to it." 3
AR 7‑3‑4:II Penalty says "Repeat the down". Change to "Automatic first down" to reflect the change to Rule 9‑3‑4. 2

The "release" number in the final column denotes the version of the rulebook that first incorporated that correction.

The release number can be found on the first page of the rulebook, e.g. "2023.0.1" signifies Release 1 of the 2023 edition of the BAFA (0) rulebook.